• Freedom by Wyland


    by Wyland

    This beautiful bronze sculpture of a tortoise navigating it’s way through the ocean is an excellent way to pay tribute to your loved one through art. This comes in two sizes, full size and “keepsake” size.  size. Each one of these pieces of Wyland Tribute Art are unique, 

  • Majestic By Artist Wyland


    by Wyland

    Two majestic blue whales traveling through the deep sea represents peace and tranquility. Our unique tribute art will honour your loved one. This comes in two sizes, full size and “keepsake” size. 

  • Serenade By Artist Wyland


    by Wyland

    Sweet serenade… The sound of dolphins, their elegant movements, cutting through the ocean like a hot knife through butter. Why not cherish your loved one with this outstanding piece. This comes in two sizes, full size and “keepsake” size. 

  • Devotion By Artist Wyland


    by Wyland

    Orcas are devoted to their family, as are we. Devotion is a perfect way to appreciate those who devoted their lives to seeing your success.  This comes in two sizes, full size and “keepsake” size. 

By World Renown Artist Wyland

Bronze Sculpture Urns

These bronze sculptured urns are created by world renown artist Wyland. Each piece is hand coated in a glaze, that makes each piece unique. They come in two sizes and are an excellent way to honour, love and appreciate those you care for.

By Securigene


Preserve your genetic legacy and utilize Tribute Art’s DNA banking service. This is a secure, long term storage of an individual’s genetic material. Our partner, Securigene, prepares and securely stores the DNA from your loved one.

TributeArt by Wyland

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What Our Happy Customers Say

Arrived on time, in perfect condition and exceeded my family’s expectations. We are so proud to honour our father with this tribute. Thank you so much.

Donald T.

Our mother loved dolphins and Wyland’s work, so it was an easy decision to love and cherish her, after her passing, with the Serenade urn.

Ellen W.

“WOW!” is all we could say when the Freedom urn arrived. It’s the perfect way for us to pay tribute to our grandmother. Thank you TributeArt.

Brenda J.

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